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cctv cameras color black and white for security„ Lasco Electronics„ USells cameras, security systems, quads, monitors, and other surveillance equipment.

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Lasco Electronics

Sells cameras, security systems, quads, monitors, and other surveillance equipment.

Welcome to Lasco Electronics
Lasco Electronics is a developer of quality security cameras , monitors , quads , and many other CCTV and surveillance equipment. Using cutting edge technology in all our products.

Our Mission

Lasco's mission is to provide the latest technology in surveillance equipment with the highest quality components and at an affordable price with out compromising quality like other companies do. And backing up our products with first class customer support.

Need to Buy Our Products and Have Them Installed?

Go to the LASCO PARTNERS link to find out were to buy the products and to have them installed.Ê

Dealer, Installer, Distributor Opportunities!!

Are you a Dealer/Installer or a Distributor and competition is cutting into your profits? Try Lasco high quality products at a fraction of the cost of the name brand product. All of Lasco product use the same components as the major brand. So if your getting the same components as the name brands then why pay for the name? Contact use to learn more.Ê

Contact Information

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